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Manufacture, Import-Export, and Trading of Dried Dehydrated Vegetable

Are you interested in Premium Dehydrated Vegetables? At Alianz Global Groups Pty Ltd we are specialised in producing of top quality dehydrated vegetables, a great addition to any meal. Dried and dehydrated vegetables are lightweight and easy to cook so they make a great addition to your camping essentials and will give you a boost of energy for hiking.

We supply and export to the following sectors: food industry, wholesale suppliers, retailers and distributors.

Product specification

  • Product:: Dehydrated Vegetables
  • Origin:: China | USA | South Africa |India
  • - Chilli whole 3-8 cm, Chilli Jalapeno green 1-3 mm, 3-6 mm, Chilli Jalapeno powder green, red, crushed 1-3 mm, Cinnamon Cassia Vera whole 8-10 cm, Powder, Carrot Granulated: 2-3 mm, Powder
  • - Dried Ginger Whole, Powder Dehydrated Garlic Powder, Granulated, Flakes
  • - Onion granulated: 0-0.5 mm, Granules, *0.2-0.5mm, minced, *1-3mm, Powder
  • - Garlic granulated (G1, 40-60 mesh), Garlic granulated (G2, 26-40 mesh), Garlic powder, flakes, minced 1-4 mm
  • - Laurel Leaves Whole, Powder, Crushed, Laurel leaves crushed 2-5 min, Laurel leaves whole, powder
  • - Tomato Powder, Granulate, Flakes, Tomato flakes: 9 mm, granulated: 2-4 mm
  • - Red Ground Chilli Whole, Chilli Powder, Flakes, Crushed, Paprika green 0-1 mm, 1-3 mm, flakes 9 mm, Paprika red 0-1 mm, 1-3 mm, flakes 9 mm, Pepper green whole, crushed, powder, Pepper white crushed 0.8-1.2 mm, 0-1 mm, 2-3 mm, Pepper black crushed 0.8-1.2 mm, 0-1 mm, 2-3 mm
  • Certification: HACCP | BRC | HALAL

Alianz Global Groups: World Dehydrated Vegetables Supplier==================

We offer a large variety of Dehydrated Vegetables products.

Our baby diaper is sourced from major production regions in China, USA and South Africa.

Worldwide shipped to any port, air port and road, fast, secure and timely delivery.

We deliver in quantities that suit your business, from a single pallet to a full container load (FCL)

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