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Manufacture, Import-Export, and Trading of Vanilla Powder

Are you interested in vanilla powder? At Alianz Global Groups Pty Ltd we are specialised in the manufacturer, trade, supplier and export of high quality vanilla powder all year round to different parts of the world. The sweet and spicy fragrance of our vanilla powder is synonymous with delicious baked goodies. With this fine vanilla powder from us, you can dust your favourite desserts and hot drinks with a sprinkling of delicious, pure vanilla � ground from whole, premium quality pods with no additives or preservatives. Add some to your ground coffee to create a unique vanilla blend, or dust it over your dish of choice; vanilla powder goes especially well with pumpkin dishes.

Vanilla Powder Specifications

  • Product:: Vanilla Powder
  • Type:: Brownish | Powder
  • Origin:: Madagascar | Uganda
  • Spec: Vanilla content: 1.0 � 2% min| Moisture: 11% min - 14 % max| Particle size: 0.3 � 0.4mm
  • Packaging: 250g | 500g| 5kg Vacuum bag
  • Certification:: FDA | HACCP | BRC| Phytosanitary

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