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Manufacture, Import-Export, and Trading of Vannamei Prawns

Are you interested in Vannamei Prawns? At Alianz Global Groups Pty Ltd we are specialised in trading of top quality Shine Skin Pumpkin Seed sourced from China. Products with great quality at great value, and take care of global export.

Vannamei prawns are native to the Pacific coast of Latin America, from Peru to Mexico however they have become the major farmed species across Asia due to their resilience to high density stocking and high productivity.

We supply and export to the following sectors: industry, wholesale suppliers, retailers and distributors.

Our frozen shrimps products

  • Product: Prawns
  • Type:: Vannamei (Penaeus vanname)| HOSO| HLSOPDTO|PUD| PD | Raw Frozen
  • Origin India | Ecuador
  • Spec: HOSO Size: 16 - 20 pcs |21 - 25 pcs | 26 - 30 pcs | 31 - 40 pcs
  • Packaging: 1 kg (IQF)| 2 kg (IQF)| 12kg (6 x 2kg net), set weight
  • Certifications: HACCP | BRC | FDA

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