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Are you interested in non-ferrous scrap? At Alianz Global Groups Pty Ltd we are specialised in supplying top quality our non-ferrous scrap in large wire-tied bales, small high-density bales, loose, or packed in bags or drums according to each metal�s characteristics and our customers� requirements.

Although this part of our portfolio is relatively new, we are happy to inform that we have managed to get in touch and to lock quotas with many producers around the globe and to offer an extensive range of metals as you will see below.

We will happily offer you our best price. We can offer:


  • Origin: South Africa | Zimbabwe
  • Cadmium ingots (99,974% min)
  • Zinc ingots
  • Zinc Dust
  • Aluminum ingots
  • Antimony ingots
  • Copper cathodes
  • Copper millberry,
  • Copper berry
  • Copper candy
  • Copper birch/Cliff
  • Indium
  • Nickel

Alianz Global Groups: World NON-Ferrous Scrap Supplier===========

We offer a large variety of non-ferrous scrap products.

Our non-ferrous scrap is sourced from major production regions in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Worldwide shipped to any port, air port and road, fast, secure and timely delivery.

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